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English Language Testing & Training

English Language Testing & Training

Marlins also delivers tailored English language training courses and materials for any crew nationality.

As mixed nationality crewing increases and with the advent of the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments, the need for English language skills is critical to safety and clear communication.

Marlins English language testing is designed to assess language ability and speaking skills and has been endorsed by the UK MCA, the ISF, oil majors and maritime employers worldwide. Companies integrate Marlins tests into their global recruitment and training programmes to ensure a standardised approach to language competency assessment.

Through a centralised online account, clients have the ability to:

  • purchase and allocate tests to their crewing agencies, offices and ships instantly
  • access assessment results and print certificates immediately
  • view results from all company sub-accounts
  • create reports.

Marlins also delivers English language training packages including Train The Trainer courses, targeted to the language level, learning needs and responsibilities of marine / offshore / cruise personnel. Working with employers since 1994 in almost every crew supply region, we are specialists in training to develop the communication skills required by the industry.

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